Cadaster of Bulgarian Caves

This presentation was intended to be shown on the First Camp of Balkan Cavers, June 2007. Because of the presentations evening coming short of time, it was not. So you can see it "offline" now.
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Table of contents

Title: Cadaster of Bulgarian Caves

Subtitle: Main Rules, Current Workflow and Future Considerations

Keywords: Bulgaria, cadaster, caves, cave maps, cave locations, cave preservation, cave research, cave survey, database, digitalization, GIS, GPS data, file of a cave, forms, maps copyrights, workflow

Author: Ivo Tachev

Organisation: Iskar Caving Club, Sofia, Bulgarian Federation of Speleology


Comment: To be presented at the First Cavers' Camp of the Balkans "Balkan 2007"

Copyright: ©2007 Ivo Tachev. Use as per GNU FDL (
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You should be able to find the source OpenDocument file (Cadaster-BG_caves.odp, 3.3 MB) here or (at least) in the collection CD from the First Camp of Balkan Cavers, June 2007.